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3 min readMar 29, 2022

The first NFT project in the International Hospitality Business has launched on the Cardano Blockchain!

FRESCOS | Augmented Reality Cardano NFTs combines the power of the Cardano Blockchain with travel experiences. NFT holders receive discounts from hotels, villas, yachting charters and more in the Mediterranean.

Hotels are eager to partner up with Frescos and open their customer base to people in the crypto space, because of this, these NFTs already have a real-world use case to holders and hotels alike.

The Team

Both Co-Founders are professionals in their respective fields with over 25 years of experience altogether.

Minos Chrysakis, in charge of Business Relations, and owner of the Mika Villas & Kouvohori Villas hotels in Crete has years of experience in the hotel business, this experience is what has allowed him to build connections that enable Frescos to offer great discounts to holders.

Angel Fernandez, Plutus Pioneer with over 10 years of Web-Application Development, responsible for the creation and maintenance of backend systems, and creating Blockchain-to-Business integrations for the Frescos Ecosystem.

Business Model

Fresco’s workflow follows a lean-business model where keeping things simple and testing of different ideas is encouraged, because of this we are able to expand laterally into many branches of business while still being able to maintain previous branches.

We are always looking for ways to expand the business that provide more value to our holders and our partners.

Online Travel Agency such as Airbnb in which users will be able to list their properties in a fiat or crypto.

Online Merch Store currently online accepting only ADA, has clothing and other items with frescos art and branding.

Retail Boutiques we plan to provide merchandise to partnered hotels similar to what is offered online.

Benefits to Holders

Discounts at partnered hotels are at the core of Frescos and the first utility for the NFTs from day 1, we felt it was important to provide real utility at the time of purchase.

Royalties Percentages from business gains will be distributed by staking their Frescos NFTs in the upcoming Frescos DAPP. (More details coming soon)

Raffles for hotel stays and other community giveaways will be available soon, and in some cases tokenized for possible trades within the Cardano ecosystem.

The Art

Frescos is a collection of Hand Painted Digital Art Pieces, individually created without layers making each piece unique from start to finish created by Co-Founder Minos Chrysakis.

Each painting can come to life using Augmented Reality by using the Artrive app on a mobile device.

Many paintings have already been printed and sent to hotels to display in their lobbies and open areas.


  • Cardano Hotel Ginebra (First Hotel to accept Cardano)
  • Mika Villas
  • Kouvohori Villas
  • Cactus Hotel Chain
  • Shades of Blue Yachting- Med & Atlantic Private Yacht Charters
  • Helicopter Private Charters

We are currently adding more partners to Frescos, some of which will be announced soon.

If you are interested in joining the partnership please reach out to Mino Coozoolo


What makes Frescos unique is that we had something already built before the first NFT was sold, because we are based on a real world use case we can build things knowing they will be useful to our holders and partners.

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